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Install the electronic lead blockade at the oil inlet and outlet of the tank truck, and detect the status of the oil discharge port in real time through the platform. When it is within the legal range of the oil depot and gas station (around 100 meters), the platform will automatically seal and unseal the equipment in combination with vehicle, dispatch, location and other information. In the event of an emergency, the manager can also remotely control the opening and closing of the lead lock on special vehicles through the platform.


When the electronic lead blockade is abnormally opened or closed, the tanker deviates from the prescribed route or the hardware is faulty and man-made damage, the system will give an alarm prompt to ensure that the oil product is formed during the sales process from the oil depot to the transportation route to the gas station sales link Closed-loop management, which effectively guarantees the quantity, quality and safety of oil products, and greatly improves the management efficiency of enterprises.

ATG(Automatic tank gauging)


The ATG system automatically collects the loading capacity, unloading capacity and oil density of the tank truck, and will monitor the transportation of oil products from the oil depot to the oil station in real time. When there is an abnormal fluctuation in the quantity or density of oil products in the tank truck, the system will Automatically record and alarm at the headquarters.



Install cameras at the oil inlets and outlets of the tank trucks. Administrators can access any camera at any time to monitor the dynamics of tank trucks and fuel in real time.


● Effectively prevent the phenomenon of unloading oil and "running private work" .

● Reduction of abnormal fuel losses.

● Cost Savings.


● Real-time supervision of oil density,temperature and inventory changes in the tanker, to ensure the quality of oil and prevent oil theft.

● Real-time detection of the working status of the oil tanker's unloading port, standardization and supervision of the operation of all links in the oil loading and unloading work, to protect the safety of oil. 

● Observe the driving path of the tank truck in real time, and keep the tank truck driving on the prescribed road.