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In Europe and America, gas stations are called "Service Stations", and more than 95% of gas stations open convenience stores. Non-oil products usually account for 30%-40% of total sales revenue, and profits account for 40%-50% of total profits.  become the main source of profits for its gas stations, and the proportion is still rising.














The opening of convenience stores at gas stations is a general trend. It can improve the overall image of gas stations and enrich the service content, which will become a new profit growth point.


































Head Office Management Center


Quickly understand the operating data of the convenience store of each petrol station, adjust the sales strategy in time, and refine the management process.


Unified products,       Unified pricing,

Unified procurement,  Unified delivery.
















Store Management System


● Differentiated management of store products


● Fill in business receipts and review accounts


● Cashier reconciliation, segmentation of income


● Check inventory, analyze loss and overflow


● Analyze store inventory and sales data


● Optimize products and strictly control negative inventory sales


Convenience Store POS















It can realize the all-in-one card application in merchandise sales for members of gas stations and improve the members' shopping experience.


● all-in-one card members, improve oil and non-oil sell each other


Oil and non-oil are combined to promote the type and quantity of product sales, while benefiting membership and creating more profits.


● product sales, enjoy member prices


● Shift management, statistics of business payments


● Performance management, transaction inquiry





● Centralized management at Head office


● Integrated membership management


● Smart decision analysis


● Smart reminder service


● Detailed reconciliation account


Solution Components

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Cyboil Convenience Store


Cyboil Gas Station Convenience Store Management System helps oil companies or gas stations control the daily delivery, sales and inventory business, comprehensive reduction operating risks, improve fund utilization, and provide managers with real-time Comprehensive business data and operational decision-making basis, and share member information with gas stations, realize member all-in-one card, bill integration and other functions, and comprehensively improve the oil and non-oil interactive integrated operation service capabilities of gas stations.