Customer Value Mining

Solution Components

  • CyberPOS

    Provide gas station operation management and customer points application gas station POS system.

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  • CyberDPOS

    Control fuel dispenser

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Payment as a services

Cyboil meets the diversified payment of different types of customers, making payment more convenient and safe.

CYBOIL help gas stations


establish a customer loyalty promotion plan;


reducing the customer churn;


mining the max value of customers. 

Diversified payment services improve customers' consumer experience  and attract repeat customers.



Identity register and verify for membership customers.


Preferential price for repeat customers based on cumulative consumption.


Consumption statistics and analysis for anonymous client and membership client.


Settlement at fuel dispenser for membership customers.


Vehicle identity verify and quickly settlement for fleet customers.


Discount voucher bar-code issue for new customers.



Attracting new customers to be a repeat client.


Help gas station establish and operate the membership customer management program to keep customer loyalty.


A platform help gas stations to keep abreast of changes in customer consumption.


Upgrade payment services, enhance customer experience and customer loyalty.

Attract & keep customers


The Cyboil customer loyalty program focuses on the long-term consumer behavior of customers.

    ● Formulate member preferential strategies;

    ● Invite customers to register members and enjoy preferential treatment based on consumption;

    ● Provide preferential barcodes and invite customers to refuel for use next time.

The Cyboil payment terminal with MIFARE is installed on the fuel dispenser as an upgrade kit, which supports direct deduction of the fuel dispenser.


Provide identity verification for indoor POS settlement customers.

To provide fleet customers with a vehicle identification verification through RFID and fuel inlet electronic tags, the fleet captain controls the refueling cost independently, and the driver automatically deducts the charge after refueling.