Commercial Gas Station

Pump Monitoring

Connecting of fuel dispensers to communication controller help operators collect the data of refueling from each fuel nozzle, monitor the work status of each pump real-time, and can able to setup the price of oil by nozzle or by category via the system.


Cyboil solutions supports communication connections for mainstream brand fuel dispensers, combined with the ATG mode, to help your gas station realize equipment automation management easily.

Solution Components

  • Magnetostrictive Probe

    magnetostrictive probe take advantage of Wiedemann effect, Villari effect and Ultrasonic effect of intelligent material, by measuring time value difference which can be easily measured with high-precision, to convert to displacement difference, can accurately measure the product level, water level, and temperature for individual tanks.

    127 ¥ 0.00
  • Tank Gauge Console

    The tank gauge console offers a multi-function operation platform on colorful touch display. High-accuracy and strong data process ability, greatly improve the management efficient and save costs! The reliable performance have highly reputations from thousands station owners.

    165 ¥ 0.00
  • Cyboil FCC

    Used to collect sales data and control fuel dispenser.

    157 ¥ 0.00
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Cyboil gas station solution focus on business of oil sales to help gas station manager establish a digitalize business process based on automation data collection, real time monitoring, accurate statistics and detailed reports.

Automatic tank gauging

The delivery and inventory checking of refined oil are the key points of cargo storage management at gas stations. Instead of manual operating for storage recording and gauging, mode of digitalization regist and automated tank gauging is much more accurate and safety.


By automatically measuring the oil level, water level and temperature of oil tank, the inventory of oil could be monitored real-time and checked anytime, thereby preventing oil loss, such as tank leakage or theft.



Equipment monitoring (to monitor status of pumps and tank gauging)

● Statistics of oil sales

Inventory check for oil tanks

Price management of oil

Detailed reports of oil delivery, sales , inventory and business operating

Solution deployment adapted to different business scenarios



Adaptive solution deployment


Due to the obvious differences in the gas station's equipment level, network communication status, operation mode, staffing, etc., Cyboil provides diversified deployments to meet the environment and operation mode of different gas stations.


Local deployment (standard mode):

system stability and data security. With the online deployment of retail centers, it supports the unified management of multi-site networking.



easy to deploy, online management, low cost investment and high efficiency.

After use

● Have a 7 * 24 hour smart assistant working without errors

● Realize automatic data collection, real-time equipment monitoring, digital workflow, accurate statistical information and detailed reports

● Reconstruct workflows in an efficient and low-cost way

● Optimize business processes and improve the management efficiency of gas stations


Before use

Need to rely on an experienced manager or be an effective work flow, manually statistics the purchase, sales and inventory data of the gas station, calculating costs and income, formulate a competitive price strategy and implement it in time, train and monitor employees The gas station is running well.


Realtime monitoring of tank storage

Automation record of refuling transactions

Accurate statistics for whole process of oil sales business

Reduce cost and increase efficiency for gas station operating

Fuel dispensers and ATG controlling and monitoring platform,achieving gas station business operating digitalization