Homebase Fuel Solution

Powerful, flexibility operation platform designed for commercial fleets and homebase fuel stations, accurately and comprehensive supervision of fuel inventory and distribution.


Large enterprise or organization with its own fleet normally relies on the dedicated fuel stations supporting refueling of production activities and transportation activities. Unlike commercial gas stations, homebase fuel stations serve the fixed fleets and fixed vehicles, which not only require inventory management, quickly response, flexibility authorized and refueling monitored (anti-theft and anti-wasted), but also need to limited operation cost.


Cyboil Homebase is a customized solution satisfied the field of mining, ports, transportation, airports, municipalities, ranches and more, to provide management entrance for head office,fuel site and fleet. By integrated of online operation platform, automatic equipment on site, E-account of drivers/vehicles and customizable business process settings, establish an intelligent homebase fuel system supporting comprehensive supervision of fuel inventory, distribution and refueling.



Integrated Supervision:Site & Fleet


Focus on the business of fuel stations operation and fleet refueling, Cyboil Homebase designed the integrated platform facing to both fuel management department and fleet management department. With customizable rights settings for each role of system users, Cyboil Homebase provides flexible business process configurations for head-office to defined its own supervision mode, which is not only a fuel station management system, but also be an integration fuel management platform.



Fuel Schedule for Vehicle


Cyboil Homebase establish an E-account system for vehicles and drivers of fleet. Manager of fleet could authorize for vehicles and drivers to refueling within their rights limited. By statistics of fuel consumption and refueling records, fleet manager could distribute the refueling liters for each of the vehicles/drivers and make a fuel schedule with period automated authorization.



Refueling Identification


Prevent fueling theft and wasted, Cyboil Homebase tight monitoring and controlling fuel dispensers by smart controller. Fuel dispensers will be locked unless the authorized driver/vehicle verified. Drivers will be register on system and fleet could issue MIFARE card for drivers as the identity, as the standard supervision method.


As a stricter monitoring solution, Cyboil Homebase supporting vehicle identification module with RFID and fuel inlet electronic tags.





● Integrated supervision of fuel site and fleet refueling.


● Supporting attended fuel site and unattended fuel site.


● Intelligent fuel schedule and drivers/vehicles refueling authorization.


● Tight monitoring of refueling behaviors.


● Satisfying multi-site network management.


● Customizable role rights defined for system users.





● Real-time monitoring of homebase fuel site equipment.


● Prevent fueling theft and wasted.


● Accurate statistics for fuel inventory,distribution and refueling.


● Reduce cost and increase efficiency for homebase fuel site & fleet fueling operating.


Solution Components

  • Cyboil FCC

    Used to collect sales data and control fuel dispenser.

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