CYBOIL was invited to attend the 2020 Xiamen Petroleum Industry Summit Forum

Created on:2020-07-17

On July 13th to 14th, the 2020 Xiamen Petroleum Industry Summit Forum was held in Xiamen. The theme of the forum was ‘Communication with Oil, Moving Forward after the COVID-19’. More than 500 industry professionals attend the forum. Exchange and dialogue on the recovery of the industry. Aim to jointly identify the industry trends and unlock the industry's dilemma!




At the forum, the chairman of Fujian Oil and Gas Chamber of Commerce Cheng Shuijie gave a speech to welcome the industry professionals gather in Xiamen to learn exchanges and promote industry prosperity. Lu Weizhen, the secretary general of Fujian Oil and Gas Chamber of Commerce, Ding Shaoheng, Cui Changyuan and other industry experts made keynote speech.




At the forum, Zhang Lianmin, the director of Depot Project from Cyboil, made a keynote speech entitled ‘Four Major Diseases and Solutions in the Operation of Refined Oil Wholesale Enterprise’.

(Cyboil Oil Depot Project Director Zhang Lianmin)

Cyboil has been studying the business development trend of the refined oil wholesale and warehousing industry, and provide the information solutions to help the development of clients. Zhang Lianmin pointed out 2 points which the oil company should focus on:

  1. strengthen the employee management, all the trade process and data must be controlled by the company to improve the efficiency of the operation;


  1. study the customer demands, including quality, price, efficiency, emotion, to improve the customer satisfaction.

  1. Through the information system, it can realize the classification and grading management of customers, automatically record various operation data, and automatically generate corresponding reports from different angles of finance, business, and management to shorten the settlement cycle of the enterprise.


  1. Dynamic KPI assessment allows managers to grasp the work performance of employees in real time, including customer visits, quotations, and sales task completion progress, so as to make timely incentives and adjustments.


  1. The informatization system can effectively improve the self-service ability of customers, make it easier for customers to purchase oil and raise oil, and reconcile accounts. Face recognition, ID card recognition, dynamic password, IC card password and other technologies can provide convenience while ensuring transaction security. Emotional care such as birthday lottery, online event lottery can enhance the interaction between customers and enterprises to enhance the stickiness of customers.


  1. Through comprehensive analysis of business data, it can help managers to grasp the company's business situation and customer status, and provide a basis for scientific decision-making.


Zhang Lianmin's speech aroused the resonance of the attendees, and expressed their desire to establish contacts, maintain follow-up communication and communication, and jointly explore ways to improve management.



Cyboil has accumulated 15 years in the industry and has three product lines :information management for gas stations, information management for oil depots, and information management for fleet fuels, to build a complete information management platform for oil company. The market covers private oil companies, national oil companies, overseas oil companies. Cyboil has tens of thousands gas station and hundreds oil depot customers at domestic and overseas market.