Skillfully use “Four tools” to make the gas station management work more easy

Created on:2020-08-14

How to manage a gas station well? We can use the "four tools" to checkour work, sum up experience, find out our shortcomings, improve our management capabilities.


01 "Magnifier" for investigations of competitors


Competition is everywhere. Only when we have a deep understanding of our competitors, we can clearly recognize our position in the market. Use the "magnifier" to conduct long-term and periodic dynamic observations of competitors. Focus on analysis the market dynamics such as: Which gas station has stable sales and more customers; which one start a promotion. Generally, you need pay attention on the gas stations within 5 kilometers of the surrounding area.


02 "Microscope" for customer file management


The needs of customers are complex and changeable. How to accurately locate customer preferences and understand customer needs requires us to "hold up the microscope." The previous extensive customer file management can't longer meet the needs of marketing. Today's customer files need to be detailed and informationized, in which the customer's personality, preference information, high-frequency shopping list, large-scale shopping and other information are recorded in detail. The customer service should be developed in the direction of private customized service. 



03 " Telescope " for market environment analysis


Seeing higher can go far. we need to utilize abundant internet resources to keep abreast of changes and trends of the market; Have an in-depth, long-term and dynamic understanding of the history and trends of the refined oil market ; It is necessary to persist in long-term analysis of the market environment, consider the general environment where the gas station is located, and calculate the impact of various factors on the operation of the gas station. At the same time, this kind of thinking should be passed to every employee, so that everyone can improve their ability to respond to market changes and improve their own management capabilities.



04 "Reflector" for employee management


In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, improving the level of customer service is the basic work of gas stations. We must make good use of the "reflector" to focus on our own services, constantly review our shortcomings, and timely improve our service ability. Now gas stations continuous add value to services, such as tracking services for major customers, regularvisit customer for feedback, and regular push discounts and other services information, let customers feel the warm care from gas stations. 


Gas station management is a science. As a gas station manager, we should "learn more, see more, and do more". We can use the "four tools" to provide a wider range of revenue-increasing channels and technical support for the diversified operation and development of gas stations, and to enrich and expand the gas station marketing system.