Application of CYBOIL products in Sinopec Group

Created on:2020-11-05

We don't produce oil, but we can escort your oil depot. Even if you are far away in the beautiful Inner Mongolia, we will come to you not far away. When I first arrived at the oil depot of Sinopec Inner Mongolia Baotou Petroleum Products Sales Co., Ltd., I saw a large area of above-ground tanks from a distance. At that time, the oil tanks in the oil depot were not equipped with automatic metering equipment. For oil, according to the data of manual oil measurement, the inventory is calculated manually. This measurement process is relatively cumbersome, and real-time inventory cannot be obtained. It lacks the support of real-time data, and it does not help the managers to make decisions. So the customer first talked about This demand.

As the country continues to attach importance to safety in production, the operators of oil depots are gradually changing their ideas, beginning to realize the importance of strengthening the safe production of oil depots, and are willing to improve the safety of oil depot production and operation through the safety chain of automated equipment.This is the second needs of the customer, namely the high and low liquid level alarm interlock system of the oil tank.

By fully understanding the needs of oil depot management, we provide customers with a complete set of solutions to effectively meet customer needs, as follows:

1.Installed cyboil storage tank metering system for customers, including explosion-proof magnetostrictive probe, smart controller and automatic tank gauge system.In order to meet the high-precision measurement requirements of domestic and foreign customers, the magnetostrictive liquid level gauge of cyboil Oil Depot has made many innovations in technical projects such as waveguide wire screening, tension compensation, and tank deformation compensation, and formed high-tech standards. Foreign customers.


In addition, the cyboil storage tank metering system supports the compatible connection of domestic and foreign brand level meters such as Enraf and E+H, which can save costs for oil depots with existing level meters.

2. Customized PLC control cabinet and high and low liquid level alarm interlocking system for customers. The cyboil PLC system has a remote module. When the oil depot sends a technical support request, the engineer can provide technical maintenance or system upgrade at any time, just like an engineer stationed in the oil depot, effectively improving the system guarantee level.

cyboil high and low liquid level alarm interlocking system can be customized according to the on-site conditions of the oil depot. It collects various data such as high and low liquid level, temperature and pressure through the PLC control cabinet, and sets the alarm value. When the alarm value is reached, the control signal is output. Interlock control of electric valves and pumps to perform corresponding actions. Operators can also perform corresponding operations through the configuration software system platform and the PLC control cabinet touch screen.

The cyboil oil depot project team is a team that has been in the oil depot industry for many years. It has served many customers such as Guang'an Haijing Sinopec Oil Depot, Yixing Zhongyou Oil Depot, Hunan CNOOC, Sudan National Oil Company, etc. We sincerely hope to provide more Better products and services!