CYBOIL was invited to participate in the "2020 China Gas Station Conference and Gas Station Equipment and Facilities Exhibition"

Created on:2020-09-14

From September 9th to 11th, 2020, the 2020 China Gas Station Conference and Gas Station Equipment and Facilities Exhibition was held in Jinan. Zhengzhou CYBOIL Information Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this conference. This meeting attracted nearly a thousand industry experts from refineries, traders, warehousing and logistics, petrol station terminals and non-oil service providers from all over the country to exchange and learn.

CYBOIL as the invited enterprise, exhibited intelligent management, non-inductive payment, oil depot and fleet management information products, and received high attention and praise from the participants.


Fan Yang, general manager of CYBOIL was invited to give a speech on "Technology Changes Operations: New Consumption Models in Response to the COVID-19", sharing what changes COVID-19 will bring to China's gas station industry in 2020 and how to use technical means Optimize petrol station operations?

Fan Yang

Fan Yang pointed out that the COVID-19 has changed the previous business management model,from offline to online. Online office software such as DingTalk, Enterprise WeChat, and ZOOM provide tool support for remote communication and collaborative work. Remote office work at home has become a popular office mode during the epidemic. Of course, the Covid-19 has also promoted the transformation of China's gas station industry, making it more convenient for customers and easier to operate.

The COVID-19 has promoted the upgrading of service models.

Promote the development of intelligent service terminals at gas stations, and promote the development of equipment automation, self-service, and electronic payment. No induction payment technologies such as face payment, license plate payment, and ETC payment have received widespread attention in the industry.

The COVID-19 has promoted the development of non-oil business.

The severe decline in oil sales during the COVID-19 made gas stations pay more attention to non-oil sales, and the incident of selling vegetables at Sinopec’s Beijing company gas station caused a sensation in society. The development of non-oil business not only uses the existing customer resources of gas stations to expand more profit sources, but also further enhances customer stickiness through this value-added service.

The COVID-19 has promoted a leap in operational time and space.

Internet and mobile Internet technologies have broken through the limitations of time and space, Allow customers to obtain online services provided by gas stations anytime and anywhere; gas station managers can view the operating data of gas stations anytime and anywhere.

As a professional information company that has served in the field of refined oil sales for nearly 20 years, CYBOIL relies on technological innovation to realize the autonomy of software systems, and continuously improve the value of refined oil sales information products. With advanced technology and professional services, it is committed to To become the most trusted long-term partner of customers.