Must-see, the key points for the smart upgrade of gas stations!

Created on:2020-11-12

In recent years, the concept of smart petrol stations has been frequently proposed, and major petrol stations at home and abroad are also frequently involved in the construction of smart petrol stations.

More smart, more convenient, more efficient and safer are the goals pursued in the construction of smart gas stations, and how to keep up with the general trend of smart upgrades of gas stations has become the primary consideration in the operation of more and more gas stations.


If your petrol station also wants a smart upgrade but don't know where to start, you might as well use the following as a reference.

  1. Business automation management

A CyberFCC can automatically collect real-time data from the fuel dispenser and ATG instead of manually, and wirelessly transmit the data to the gas station management platform. The administrator only needs to log in to the gas station management platform through any computer with Internet access to query the gas station The operation data of the company is automatically managed throughout the whole process, making the data more accurate and easier to operate.




At the same time, the CyberFCC and the fuel dispenser can be wirelessly connected, and there is no need to lay a separate communication line, effectively avoiding the construction of the gas station.



  1. Member loyalty management

A set of CyberDpos and a handheld touch-screen CyberHpos can help gas stations to achieve different membership levels and perform differentiated management of members. Through price discounts and refueling points to redeem gifts, enhance member stickiness, thereby increasing member loyalty.




  1. Chain management

Don’t worry if you have multiple gas stations. We can also provide you with a headquarters management system. The data of multiple sites are automatically transmitted to the headquarters and visual reports are generated, so that you can understand the operating conditions of each site in a timely manner and make reasonable formulations. Operating strategy.

  1. Mobile management

You no longer need to go to the gas station every day to check the inventory and sales of the day as before. Now you can check the operation status of the gas station anytime and anywhere by turning on your phone. This will completely help you get rid of the constraints of time and space and make you more efficient. To manage the daily operations of gas stations.




Such a set of "CYBOIL Smart Gas Station Solution" can not only help you effectively reduce operating costs and improve management efficiency, but also improve membership loyalty management, which will help you increase sales of gas stations.



With the continuous development of the petroleum industry, the intelligent upgrading of gas stations has become an inevitable trend. CYBOIL is determined to provide “one-stop solutions for smart gas stations” for domestic and foreign gas stations, and constantly lead the smart upgrade of gas stations with new technologies.

If your gas station wants to upgrade smartly, CYBOIL is definitely the first choice!