petrol Station Non-Inductive Payment

Created on:2020-12-30


On December 17, 2020, the 2020 China petrol stations Annual meeting held in Chongqing. The meeting attracted hundreds managers from petrol stations and service providers to analyze policy trends and focus on petrol stations operations and performance improvement, looking forward to the future of the market, sharing new opportunities of the times.

Zhengzhou Cyboil Information Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this meeting as the sponsor alliance unit. At the meeting, Cyboil presented to the friend the application of new technologies and new equipment in the intelligent construction of petrol stations under the wave of digitization, informatization, and technology.




Mr. Fan Yang, the general manager of Cyboil, as the industry expert invited by the meeting, in the "Industry Interactive Forum: petrol Station Non-Inductive Payment Roundtable Dialogue", in-depth interpretation of the application and underlying logic of the non-inductive payment technology in the operating scenarios of petrol station, and shared the innovative solutions and digital technology given by Cyboil in the field of non-inductive payment at petrol stations.

Mr.Fan elaborated on the common types of non-inductive payment at petrol stations, the background reasons for non-inductive payment, and the application value of non-inductive payment, and answered questions from guests.

Mr.Fan said that society is constantly progressing and developing, and the petrol station industry is no exception. The emergence of non-inductive payment is one of the results of the development and upgrading of Chinese petrol station industry. The emergence of a new thing has its inevitability behind it.

In the evolution of payment methods of Chinese petrol station, Sinopec took the lead in realizing fuel card payment on fuel dispensers, this is an epoch-making event from cash payment to electronic payment. Mobile phone scan code payment is just in line with the popularization of mobile payment, but non-inductive payment is another innovation and upgrade of payment method at petrol station.

At present, there are several types of non-inductive payment recognition methods, such as facial recognition, ETC, vehicle license plate, and car card payment.

Non-inductive payment can replace mobile phone scan payment, to meets the explotion proof safety requirement.

Non-inductive payment provides customers with more choices of payment methods, and is more convenient and efficient,it is a benefit to customers.

Non-inductive payment improves the ability of payment intelligence, automation, and self-service, reduces the work intensity and mental pressure of station employees, let the employee focus on introducing promotional activities and guiding non-oil consumption.



In addition, in response to the concerns about whether Non-inductive payment will affect the sales of non-oil products, Mr.Fan said that this problem actually implies the development of petrol station business model. The development of non-oil business at petrol station is an inevitable trend. However, it must be based on China's national condition, don’t  blindly copy the European model. Non-inductive payment is just a means of payment to upgrade traditional payment. Regardless of whether oil or non-oil products are commodities, there is no essential difference in payment. Non-inductive payment can pay for oil products or non-oil products. Non-inductive payment will not restrict the sales of non-oil products at petrol station. On the contrary, petrol station can promote the interactive sales of oil products and non-oil products by using  "hardware + software" and "equipment + technology" through non-inductive payment, to increase the overall sales of petrol station.

Mr.Fan introduced Cyboil's development of non-inductive payment technology. Cyboil has been engaged in the development of petrol station management software since its establishment. It has 15 years of industry experience and most customers are leading companies in the industry. Cyboil is at the forefront of the industry in the development and application of Non-inductive payment technology for petrol station. At present, it has mature technologies and application solutions in Non-inductive payment.

In the Cyboil product exhibition  area, Cyboil's informatization products attract many guests to consult and experience. Many guests experienced the ‘Ficial Recongnition Payment’ with ‘Cyboil Smart Screen. It only takes 3-5 seconds to complete a payment, it greatly improves the operating efficiency.




In order to meet the personalized and differentiated demands of petrol stations for non-inductive payment, Cyboil provides a variety of non-inductive payment products. The ’Cyboil Smart Screen’ is an explotion-proof product, it could be installed on fuel dispenser and also could be installed anywhere in the outdoor area in petrol stationThe‘Cyboil smart interactive terminal could replace the traditional metal keyboard of the fuel dispenser; The ’Cyboil self-service terminal’ could be placed in the business hall. Humanized, omni-channel technical support provide the best non-inductive payment solution for the petrol station.