【Review 15 years' development of Cyboil】Cyboil boosts Chambroad’s informatization construction

Created on:2021-04-16


This article was published in 2014,

author: Wu Jia-bao

In 2014, Mr. Wu is the General Manager of Chambroad New Energy Holdings Development Co., Ltd.

Currently, Mr. Wu is the Director and Vice President of Shandong Chambroad Holding Group Co., Ltd.,

Chairman and General Manager of Shandong Chambroad Logistics Co., Ltd.

Editor's note:
Shandong Chambroad New Energy Holding Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China's the largest private oil refining company-Shandong Chambroad Holding Group Co., Ltd. Chambroad onws the largest quantity of gas stations among the private oil companies in China. Since Chambroad New Energy and Cyboil established a strategic partnership in 2009, during the 12 years, Cyboil has witnessed the development of Chambroad from the first 5 gas stations to more than 1,500 gas stations now. Cyboil has played an important role in the rapid expansion of the Chambroad gas station network, and Chambroad's informatization construction.It provides strong supporting and continuously meets the continuous iterative needs of retail, non-oil, membership, marketing, non-touched payment, invoice management, and franchise station management. The successful implementation of the informatization construction project of Chambroad New Energy Gas Station has ensured the smooth implementation of the corporate's strategy and achieved significant management benefits. It has also enabled Cyboil to accumulate rich experiences in the informatization application of large petroleum companies.



For a long time, the business management and customer management of gas stations have relied on gas station staff to do it manually. Such a large amount of work not only wastes a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, but also makes gas station management into a cumbersome, chaotic, and inefficient situation.


The use of automation technology, Internet technology, and computer technology to integrate advanced business concepts, management models, management and control methods, etc. into the various business processes of the enterprise, to establish an informationized operation and management platform, can greatly improve the management level, work quality and effectiveness of corporation.


Chambroad New Energy Company has been implementing informatization project construction since 2010. Up to now, gas station management system (gas station system, IC card system, membership point system, retail center, supermarket management system), financial ERP system, UFIDA OA System, monitoring system, networked alarm system, video conference system, vehicle GPS positioning (electronic seal) system, e-commerce platform, personnel mobile phone positioning system, fingerprint attendance system, etc. The ten major systems have supported all aspects of gas station management business.



The customer management system will bring all of our more than 300,000 member customers into the scope of informatization management, achieve refined management and services for customers, in-depth control of market trends, and improve marketing.


The application of the company's information system has ensured the safe and stable operation of each gas station and provided a strong guarantee for the company's efficient on-site management.

Cyboil gas station management system is a customer-centric sales business system covering oil product operation and marketing, and fully supports oil product, non-oil product business and customer management.

  1. Firstly, Cyboil solution realizes the efficient and precise operation management of oil and non-oil products purchasing, unloading, sales, oil distribution, and inventory links, and improves the operation efficiency and safety of oil products and funds.
  2. Secondly, by issuing fuel cards and bonus cards, Cyboil system help Chambroad improve marketing and services capabilities for customers, and strong improve the satisfied and loyalty of customers.
  3. Thirdly, powerful data query, statistics, analysis, and decision support functions of Cyboil system to enhance managers' business supervision and decision-making capabilities.

Through years of use, we have summarized the following advantages of Cyboil solutions:


Advantage one: Efficient and convenient working platform

Cyboil gas station management system (gas station system, IC card system, member points system, retail center, supermarket management system) provides an efficient and convenient working platform for gas stations.

From the purchase of oil products at gas stations, to the collection and summary of site retail business data, to site oil tank management, inventory control, and profits & loss analysis, the standardization, automation, Non-paper-based and network-based management of the entire business chain of import, sales, and storage of petrol stations has been realized. From price adjustment management to automatic statistics on the workload of gas workers, it not only guarantees the financial security of gas stations, but also provides strong data support for employee performance appraisal and evaluation management.


Advantage Two: Hi-effective marketing & services management based on fuel cards

The IC card system in the Cyboil gas station management system can increase prepayments, expand market share, increase market anti-risk capabilities, improve the customer service capabilities of gas stations, expand customer resources, and realize storage value services for networked gas stations At the same time, it also provides the convenience of vehicle fuel control for the vehicle management personnel of the logistics company.

Using the IC card recharge system combined with the company's operating policies, we can provide customers with diversified card services, one-time storage of value, partial refueling, convenient and fast, such as self-service refueling, stored value rebates, etc. these are all gas station informatization Effective means of operation.


Advantage Three: Strong Management of customer loyalty

In order to better repay customers, Cyboil has provided a membership point system for Chambroad, which provides free point cards for customers who do not hold IC cards to refuel, so that they can enjoy the points policy of Chambroad gas stations and allow customers to enjoy super-value services. With a real discount, the accumulated points for refueling can be exchanged for any product in the convenience store of the gas station through the member points system.


Advantage Four: Professional diversified operation management

The convenience store management system of Cyboil gas station management system covers the complete business process of the gas station convenience store's purchase, sales, storage, and distribution. Through the use of the system, the business process is standardized, work efficiency is improved, and the burden on personnel is reduced.

In addition, the biggest feature of this system is the realization of a one-stop gas card payment card for oil products and convenience store products and the exchange of gas points for convenience store products, which meets the one-stop consumer demand of customers and realizes diversified operation.


Advantage Five: Centralized and unified HQ integrated management platform

Chambroad New Energy Co., Ltd. gas stations are located throughout the thirteen cities in Shandong Province. In order to implement comprehensive management of all sites, all information must be collected, sorted, summarized, and analyzed in a timely and accurate manner. The retail management center in the Cyboil gas station management system The system perfectly solves this problem.

This system uses the Internet technology to display the form of WEB pages. The sales data, geographic location, and inventory data of each site are accurately and timely pushed to the manager, so that each management level can grasp and monitor the progress of oil products in a timely manner.  Sales, deposit, price and other information. Oil product sales trend graphs, oil product sales structure, etc. can help managers at all levels to evaluate and analyze based on real historical data, so as to make scientific decisions.



The comprehensive application of the retail center management system of the Cyboil gas station management system in Chambroad New Energy has greatly improved the scientificity and convenience of the companys management. At the same time, it combines the companys monitoring system, networked alarm system, personnel mobile phone positioning system, and fingerprint attendance system. , Effectively realize the management and control of each site by the company headquarters, and ensure the safe operation of each site.


In addition, the company's vehicle GPS positioning system and electronic lead seal ensure the safety of oil products during transportation and distribution; the level gauge system and monitoring system can ensure the safety of the oil products at the site for 24 hours; the video conference system and the UFIDA OA system guarantee To communicate with each other between the sites.


So far, Chambroad New Energy's informatization construction has achieved full coverage, which has facilitated the development and communication of various tasks.


Written in the last

Informatization construction, especially the operation of the Cyboil solution, has profoundly changed the operation and management methods of Chambroad New Energy Gas Station. This change is unprecedented.


When we go from manual paper records, transmission to automatic electronic records, and network sharing; from managers understanding and supervising gas stations through paper manual reports to understanding and supervising gas stations anytime and anywhere through computers and mobile phones, we deeply feel Finally, the construction of information system has greatly improved work efficiency, improved management level, and enhanced market competitiveness.


In conclusion, the informatization construction of gas stations is an inevitable development trend, and it is urgent! whether we want or not.