【Review 15 years' development of Cyboil】International perspective:Sudan in My Eyes

Created on:2021-06-18

Sudan in My Eyes

——My Happy and Fruitful Trip on the Naïve Land

Bashaer For energy services is one of the top three petroleum companies in the Republic of the Sudan, with 4 oil depots and 68 fuel stations. Bashaer top management team visit Zhengzhou Cyboil Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2011. After a close discussion on Barshaer’s management situation and demands, Cyboil provided Bashaer Company with an overall solution based on the use of IC card for its operation informationization, which was highly recognized by Bashaer top management team and the project was immediately initiated.

It has been three years since our first contact with Bashaer Company in 2011, during which I went to Sudan for two times. What I saw and heard in this country is still vivid in my mind.


My first impression of Sudan


I arrived to the land of Africa for the first time in December of 2011. Before that the only country I know about in Africa is Egypt, which it is one of the four great ancient civilizations, located to the north of Sudan; and the Sahara, the scene described in Echo’s books, which is located to the south of Egypt. For that reason the idea in my mind is Sudan must be ‘hot weather with sand storm all the day”. I thought that my skin would be peeled under the blazing sun or the weather would be very depressing. Unexpectedly, the climate in December was fairly pleasant and dispelled my worry about climate sickness.

Un acquainted Sudanese often wave and greet me with smile: ’ sadiga (pronunciation)’ I did not know what else I could do besides smile because this is my first time I left my own country and I was just like a fish out of water to their enthusiasm. The engineer of Bashaer Company accompanied me told me that sadiga means "friend". China is the best friend of Sudan, so Sudanese call Chinese sadiga. I got used to Sudanese's enthusiasm later and began to say "As-Salāmu Alaykum" (pronunciation, may Allah bless you) to them. I also greeted acquaintance with hand-shaking and embrace to enjoy goodwill and warmth between each other.


Laughter of Happiness


It is the first IC card fuel management solution in Sudan, so we need to help Sudanese to know, recognize and accept such brand new model in such a limited time. I worked in the site every day and had to organize my thoughts to make the document every night according to the work in the daytime to help customers to have a good command of the use, so it was very hard for me to relax. But sometimes I was also influenced by their light-hearted laughter.

They greet each acquaintance with embrace, chatting lightly and casually. At the weekend night, thousands of people gathering in small groups on the banks of Nile River, chatting, laughing and enjoying their "chai" (pronunciation, a kind of tea with the taste of schizonepeta) or "ginger coffee" (coffee with sugar and ginger powder).


Revisiting Sudan


  I visited Sudan again with Wang Aimin, the Chief Engineer, in October of 2012. Unlike the last visit, I felt that it is as hot as an oven. In October the temperature is more than 40c at noon. We were both in low spirits in the heat of the sun. After returning to the hotel when the work is finished, we take rest for a while to feel better.

     We come here this time to learn about the service condition of products during the past year and introduce our new product to customers. As time goes on, customers will have more detailed and more high-end demands on the product. Cyboil's research & development team focused on providing one-stop solution for fuel management and each product can meet the needs of customer at different stages. Bashaer expressed their confidence on Cyboil's product and cooperation in the future.



Gratitude from key accounts


Bashaer Company is the first petroleum company issuing IC card in Sudan. In the past, petroleum companies in Sudan serve key accounts (government or enterprises with many vehicles) by issuing fuel oil coupon (cash coupon) or credit sale. Such manual management has loopholes, such as converting fuel oil coupon into cash. Petroleum companies and customers all know these problems but they have no idea on what to do to prevent this from happening. Amar, a supervisor of Bashaer, takes charge of the market in the north of Khartoum(the capital of Sudan). During a chat, he told me a story about his first visit to a client after Bashaer Company officially issuing IC card.

There was a manufacturing company in his district, has more than 60 trucks, but it was not Bashaer's client. After Bashaer's IC card was officially put into use, he visited the person in charge of this client many times and introduced how the IC card can provide him with better method to manage the fleet. The client bought 5 IC cards and gave them to 5 drivers to have a try. To his surprise, the person in charge called him one month later and invited him to discuss matters about the cooperation. The client finally saw the money IC card saved for him by comparing statement of account provided by Bashaer to former ones. In addition, Bashaer's statement of account contains statistics on petroleum consumption and fueling details of each driver, which makes the driver's consumption transparent. With this card, they can manage their fleet in an easier and secure method, which can also greatly improve the management capacity.

Amar told me that this manufacturing company has become his client. Besides the fleet, they also use Bashaer's IC card for dozens of vehicles of office staff. Later Bashaer provided this client with Bashaer's key account self-service system. With this system, there was no need for them to go to Bashaer Company to recharge for driver's card or see about the statement of account. They can enjoy the above-mentioned services in their office if they transfer the money to Bashaer Company through banks at the beginning of month. Clients expressed their sincere gratitude to this easy and money-saving service.

Amar had a sense of achievement because he had helped clients to resolve the problem of fleet management; had made contribution to the market development of Bashaer Company, as well as had obtained more revenue by his own efforts.


The most fashionable thing


Bashaer Company is the first and the only petroleum company issuing IC card in Sudan. This kind of card is beautiful and easy to carry. With this card, change-giving can be avoided. As a new thing in Sudan, IC card attracted attention since it is issued.

Many gas stations began to limit the quantity of fuel oil supply due to Sudan is short of fuel oil. During this period, Bashaer Company launched a series of initiatives, for example, providing each key account with IC card. There were 2 fuel dispensers (one is diesel dispenser and the other is gasoline dispenser. Oil product was only divided into diesel and gasoline in Sudan and had no label) in each gas station specially providing fuel oil for clients with IC card without limitation. Holding Bashaer's IC card became a status symbol in a short time.

Now it has become the most fashionable thing to hold Bashaer's IC card in Sudan. More and more Sudanese begin to enjoy this kind of convenience brought by this new thing.

Cyboil aims to help clients to enhance the image and create value through excellent information management solutions and we have been working hard for this target!


Blessing Sudan


I seem to see enthusiastic and kind-hearted Sudanese and hear their chipper laughter in the course of memory. I begin to miss the comfort of SOLUX Hotel, delicious food of AMWAJ noshery, the mouthwatering mutton at Eid al-Adha Festival and nutritious and delicious tropical fruit.

Integrated solution of oil depot and station has been put on the agenda of cooperation between Cyboil and Barshaer. I hope that I can go to Sudan for the third time.