2021 CYBOIL second product training conference ended successfully

Created on:2021-10-29

In October 2021, CYBOIL successfully held the second product training conference for all employees in 2021.

Before the conference, General Manager Fan Yang made a theme sharing "From Technical Thinking to Product Thinking".

At the conference, the product managers shared wonderfully on the informatization of gas stations, the informatization of oil depots, and the informatization of the fleet.

  • CyberFuel Smart Gas Station Management System

CyberFuel Smart Gas Station Management System is a gas station marketing and business management system based on Internet and big data technology.

For gas stations, the CyberFuel is simple and easy to use, and there is no pressure for staff to operate.

At the same time, CyberFuel has more than a dozen configuration schemes, with flexible configuration and strong expansion capability, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios in gas stations.

CyberFuel provides professional oil product delivery, sales and inventory management and convenience store management for gas stations. At the same time, it builds a E-Store for gas stations, supports multiple payment methods and rich marketing functions, and meets the overall business needs of gas stations.

The CyberFuel is especially suitable for private gas stations who want to upgrade their gas stations intelligently and digitally.

  • Smart Oil Depot Construction Solution

For the construction of smart oil depots, Cyboil has developed a series of mobile Internet business systems including fuel business platform systems, APP, and customer self-service to provide assistance for the development of fuel wholesale and warehousing enterprises.

For Oil Depot APP, the oil companies can view sales data in real time through a mobile phone, online application of oil customers, online management and distribution of the oil depot, sales manager KPI indicator setting, completion status, customer activity and other information at any time.

At the same time, the oil depot manager can view the oil depot delivery, oil purchase record, and oil extraction record in real time. The system automatically records the oil purchase unit, time, oil product, quantity and other data, effectively reducing the cumbersome manual accounting and avoiding accounting errors.

  • Yunda Fleet Intelligent Fuel Management System

Yunda Fleet Intelligent Fuel Management System is a set of intelligent fleet fuel management solutions based on mobile Internet technology developed by CYBOIL for home gas station.

  Yunda adopts the network online management mode, and by providing the management authority required by the corresponding level for the corporate headquarters and home gas station,it can meet the needs of various departments for the systematic management of oil inventory, vehicle refueling, and oil control.  

Yunda does not need to deploy a localized station-level management system. By installing an intelligent controller for the fuel dispenser, it can realize the automatic monitoring of station equipment and tank storage, and realize the unattended business goal.

Through the establishment of E-accounts for drivers and vehicles and the use of radio frequency cards and vehicle card identification devices, the identification of drivers and vehicles and self-service refueling are realized; each station establishes refueling and fuel authorization rules for drivers and vehicles to realize the behavior of refueling vehicles in the field Strict control and refined management.

  The perfect holding of CYBOIL product exchange conference demonstrated CYBOIL continuous exploration in the refined oil industry, and also demonstrated CYBOIL indomitable spirit on the road of technological innovation.

Under the corporate vision of "promoting application with technology and creating value for customers", CYBOIL will continue to forge ahead in the strategic development direction of all-round refined oil information solutions for gas stations, oil depots, and fleets, and become a leader in the refined oil industry.