Gas station member marketing news

Created on:2021-12-03

The operating ability of a gas station is related to the quality of oil, management ability and staff execution. Many gas station managers say that their staff are not actively working and their marketing strategies are not well implemented.

Then we can only say that the strategy formulated did not activate the internal driving force of employees.


The inner driving force is the motivation that a person radiates from the inside out to do one thing well. With this inner driving force, the management of the gas station will get twice the result with half the effort.

CYBOIL latest online intelligent marketing system CyberFuel introduces the concept of all people marketing, and through performance rewards, it fully stimulates the enthusiasm of staff to develop and maintain members. Furthermore, viral marketing is carried out through old members, and new members of gas stations are continuously developed.

The gas station only needs to formulate a good performance reward plan, such as: "get a new member, how much is rewarded", and the rest of the CyberFuel will done.


Through Cyberfuel, every staff of the gas station will have his own exclusive recommendation QR code. The exclusive QR code can be printed out and carried with them, which is convenient for guiding customers to become members anytime, anywhere.

Gas station staff can inquire about their performance in real time through their mobile phones, so that they can know the "bonus" in their hearts.


As a manager, you can Inquire staff performance in real time through the CyberFuel center, query and statistics the performance of all staff at the gas station within a certain period of time, and provide a data basis for the distribution of bonuses.


In addition to enhancing the enthusiasm of staff, it is also powerful in that it can mobilize "everyone", including "members and non-members of gas stations"... As long as you pass the certification, you can become a gas stations "promoter", develop into gas station members, and get an extra income from the gas stations "commission".


Through Cyberfuel, the salaries of gas station staff will be increased, and their enthusiasm will be greatly increased accordingly, which will enable a virtuous cycle of gas station operations. In addition, the partnership of "owners" will develop more new members, accumulate more funds for the oil station, and improve the lasting competitiveness of the gas station.