Cyboil Flow Meter Controller

Flow meter controller realizes safe and automatic oil dispensing control by controlling control valves, flowmeters, pipeline pumps and interlocking with electrostatic oil spill equipment, and can compensate temperature through temperature sensors.


  • Control the whole pumping procedure in both local and remote mode;
  • With simple operation and intuitive display;
  • The flameproof design conforms to the safety requirements of the oil depot;
  • CPU uses high speed chips, and the processing capacity is up to 100MIPS;
  • Through the digital control valve, it can set the flow of start stage, normal working and end stage, and effectively guarantee the accuracy of oil pumping;
  • A variety of liquid mixture ratio can be set, and the ratio is adjustable;
  • Connecting mainstream brand flowmeters, electro-hydraulic valves, oil spill electrostatic protectors and other equipment in the market.

Technical parameters

Explosion-proof mark Exd(ib)IIBT4
Pulse input frequency of flow signal 2 channels pulse input, 1~3000Hz, amplitude >1.8v, the shape is arbitrary
Temperature signal input 4-20ma two-wire system or digital three-wire system,The corresponding temperature is -30℃~55℃
Control signal of electro-hydraulic valve Four-way control contact, minus 220VAC 2A/3A
Oil pump control signal 2 way oil pump control contact, minus 220VAC 3a-10a
data power loss protection time >12 months
Number of oil payment records kept offline >2000
Anti-static interlock The electrostatic ground resistance shall not be greater than 505
Anti-overflow interlock anti-overflow detection accuracy is ±5nm
Communication interface standard current loop or EIA485
I signal rate 50-19200bps
software setting system accuracy ±3%(with primary instrument)
Power supply 220VAC±15%, 50Hz
power consumption 35w
Working environment temperature -30℃~60℃
Average trouble-free working time > 500,000 hours




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