Magnetostrictive Probe

Windbell SP series magnetostrictive probe take advantage of Wiedemann effect, Villari effect and Ultrasonic effect of intelligent material, by measuring time value difference which can be easily measured with high-precision, to convert to displacement difference, can accurately measure the product level, water level, and temperature for individual tanks.


  • Real time data transmission.
  • Five-point temperature sensing.
  • Digital signal transmit with anti-interruption ability.
  • Maximum communication distance: 1200m.
  • High precision as 0.5mm and resolution as 0.01mm.
  • Leak Detect function: Standard--- 0.38L/H or 0.76L/H.
  • More reliable, environment friendly, could be used in torrid climate and freezing climate.
  • Non-corrosion 316 stainless steel ensure longer lifetime in most petroleum products.
  • Trouble-free, easy to install and operate.
  • IP68 protection grade.
Power supply DC12V.
Precision ±0.5mm
Repeatability  ±0.1mm
Resolution of product level 0.0069mm
Resolution of temperature 0.0078℃
Resolution of water level 0.0069mm
Temperature range   -40 to 85℃(-40 to 185℉)
Points of temperature measured 5
Maximum communication distance 1200m
Communication    RS485
Intrinsic safety parameter  

Power port: Ui = 15V DC, Ii= 400mA, Pi = 1.5W, Ci = 3.63μF, Li = 0mH;

Signal port: Ui = 7.14V DC, Ii= 147mA, Pi = 260mW, Ci = 32.6μF, Li = 0mH;

Associated apparatus WB-GSB03 safety barrier
Explosion proof grade Ex ia Ⅱ A T4 Ga,     II 1G Ex ia IIA T4 Ga
Protection grade IP68
Applicable medium Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, Ethanol gasoline, Methanol gasoline, Approved light oil
Definition of wires

Blue   Power +   Brown  RS485A   White   RS485B    Black  Power -

Communication address   6 digits, see the“Manufacturing code”or S/N code on probe nameplate, this is also Probe ID in communication with console and FMS


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