Software as a service

1.Consultation and analysis for your business process
A client care about how to optimize their business by information management might be clearly about every problem within their business processes. But for different categories of fuel business, there are differences among each of the business processes. This means that we must communicate fully with customers in order to understand and analyze their business processes, find out the real needs and pain points of them and provide targeted solutions. Based on the extensive experiences of fuel management informatization, Cyboil has professional team and successful project cases supporting consultation for customers. Cyboil will complete the questionnaire with you to organize the necessary information about the levels, links and roles involved in your fuel management business. At the same time, we will work with you to make statistics on your network communication status and gas station equipment information.  


2.Professional solutions to improve your fuel business
On the basis of full communication with customers, Cyboil will optimize the business operations of customers with information management solutions. According to customer needs, states, and goals, provide customers with targeted professional information solutions.


3.Intelligent management for your gas stations as a services 

Whether it is a large-scale information project for energy security monitoring, an oil company integrating oil depots, distribution, and retail, or a small gas station that wants to stand out from its competitors, Cyboil provides not only products but professional informatization services:

Guarantee of product and service quality

4.Ensure ,support and accompany, to be a longship partner with your
To promote application with technology, to create value for customer,is the business philosophy of Cyboil.Establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers, and grow together with customers is Cyboil’s vision.

3) Planning and completion of large-scale informationization projects
A. Industry recognized information management solutions
B. Mature R & D capabilities and manufacturing capabilities
C. Experienced implementation team


1) Standardized product delivery
A. Procurement model 
B. SAAS(Software as a service) 

Professional and timely business support

2) Equipment integration and software customization
A. Connection and Integration of Hardware
B. Customizing function of software system

Industry cultivation and customer growth