Cyboil is committed to developing the application of information technology in the downstream of the petroleum industry. Committed to providing oil companies with oil inventory and loading, oil tanker transportation supervision, oil intelligent scheduling and end customer marketing solutions through big data, Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing technology.

Help oil companies achieve digital transformation in business management, optimize the refined oil supply chain, reduce management costs, and increase business revenue.

● Accuracy business data collection in time
● Integrated monitoring and operation platform
● Efficient and safe distribution system
● Smart customer service marketing tools




Oil Depot   Transport   Gas Station

Intelligent  Solution


Digital operation


1.Digitize the integrated operation of procurement, supply and marketing


2.Electronic standardization of the entire business process


3.Realize the intelligontization of decision aid data



System Integration


1.Relying on the Internet of Things technology to collect terminal equipment data


2.Integrate peripheral business systems to eliminate information islands

Enhance Revenues


1.Create an efficient information marketing system


2.Optimize sales and service capabilities of all outiets


3.Improve customors consumor experience


4.Ensure the sustaiable development of the business



Reduce Costs


1.Monitor operational data and improve management efficiency


2.Promote supply-demand balance for procise distribuion


3.Accolorate the flow of goods and reduce captial occupancy