Classic case

Company:Sudan National Petroleum Corporation(National gas station)
Implementation time:March 2015
company profile:Sudan National Petroleum Corporation is affiliated with Sudan’s Ministry of Petroleum and manages the nation’s oil extraction, distribution and sales. It has 3000 gas stations, 34 oil depots, and 3000 tank trucks.

Management appeal:Since the split of the Sudan National Petroleum Corporation in 2012, 70% of the oil fields in South Sudan have led to insufficient fuel supply in Sudan. At the same time, the state has provided high fuel subsidies, which has caused Sudan's refined oil sales prices to be much lower than those of neighboring countries. There are many DODO modes in gas stations, which are difficult to manage. The informationization of this project aims to achieve a reasonable match of energy demand and supply through technical means and accurately issue fuel subsidies.


Informatization Course:In March 2015, the National Petroleum Corporation informatization project construction agreement was signed, and in December 2015, the implementation of 32 SPC headquarters oil companies, 294 gas stations in the capital, and 11 oil depots was implemented. Implementation.


Information products:Deopt information management system, Tank information management system, Gas station management system.


Project benefits:The successful implementation of the Sudan National Petroleum Corporation's informatization project has realized the automatic data collection of "oil depot, distribution, and gas station". With a complete information chain and decision analysis data, it not only improved the timeliness of oil supply and demand relations by 50%, but also helped oil companies reduce labor costs, reduce oil smuggling losses and make fuel subsidies more accurate.

Company:Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co.Ltd(Large private chain gas station)
Implementation time:May 2009
company profile:Jingbo Petrochemical, headquartered in Shandong, China, owns 655 gas stations. It is a large-scale private enterprise with petrochemical industry as its main business, integrating petroleum refining to deep processing, petroleum transportation, and petroleum retail.


Management appeal:Since the establishment of Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co.Ltd. in 2008, Chambroad Petrochemicals Gas Station has entered a new period of rapid development. For a long time, the business management and customer management of gas stations have relied on the manual work of gas station staff. Such a large amount of work not only wastes a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, but also makes the management of gas stations into a cumbersome, chaotic, and inefficient situation. I hope that automation technology, Internet technology, and computer technology can be used to integrate advanced business concepts, management models, management and control methods into various business processes of the enterprise, and establish an informationized management and management platform, which can greatly improve the management level and work of the enterprise. Quality and efficiency.


Informatization Course:In May 2009, Cyboil successfully won the bid for the information management system project of Jingbo New Energy Company's gas station, and successively completed the information construction of more than 200 stations.


Information products:Cyboil IC Card Gas station management system, Cyboil customer management system.


Project benefits:Since the successful implementation of the project, the cooperation has been successful for 11 years so far. Chambroad has developed into more than 200 gas stations, and successfully issued more than 300,000 IC cards and millions of credit cards through the Cyboil IC card gas station management system,  Played an important role in targeting customers and expanding sales.

Company:Shandong SK Gas Station(one site)
Implementation time:October 2014
company profile:SK Gas Station is a joint venture entity established by South Korean SK Corporation and the Jinan High-tech Zone Government, the leader of South Korea's energy chemical business.


Management appeal:When the SK gas station was first put into operation, the gas station management system developed by the SK headquarters in South Korea was installed. However, with the development of the business and the gradual increase of customers, customer needs also showed diversified and personalized characteristics. The original system The customer management function is not provided. The gas station completely handles customer management work manually, which seems to be inadequate, and even faces the risk of customer churn.
So in early 2014, the leader of the SK gas station decided to replace a new gas station management system, requiring the new management system to meet its customer management needs, the core of which is the "one customer one price" model, in addition to " "Cardless customer management", "customer gross profit statistics", and docking with the ERP system of the Korean headquarters.


Informatization Course:In October 2014, Cyboil Company signed an information transformation agreement with Shandong SK Gas Station, and completed the delivery.


Information products:Cyboil IC card gas station management system, Cyboil customer management system.


Project benefits:SK gas station through the background of Cyboil gas station management system, formulate different price strategies for different customers, so that each time customers refuel, they can enjoy distinctive discounts on the basis of the gas station listing price, and different of customers enjoy different preferential ranges and can also be tailor-made. They can pay attention to customers at different levels, achieve precise marketing, and truly do not grievance a customer or waste a share of resources. In less than two years of delivery, the number of cards issued has reached 20,000, and more than 6 million funds have been deposited.

Company:Daqiao Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd.(Medium-sized private chain gas station)
Implementation time:September 2018
company profile:Daqiao Petrochemical Group, headquartered in Henan, China, owns 100 gas stations, 3 gas stations and 2 oil depots. It is a modern private petrochemical enterprise group focusing on wholesale, storage, distribution and retail terminals of refined oil.


Management appeal:Since its establishment, Daqiao Petrochemical Group has accumulated tens of thousands of member users, but the gas station IC card consumption and points card can not be realized in the system currently used by the gas station. Members need to apply for a point card to earn points It virtually increases the labor and input costs of the gas station, and also reduces the member's consumption experience.


Informatization Course:On August 31, 2018, Zhengzhou Cyobil Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Daqiao Petrochemical Group successfully signed the "Smart Cloud Bridge" informatization project. In November 2018, the information construction of 73 gas stations was completed, and the business of handheld business halls and car stewards was officially opened. With the touch of a finger, you can recharge and query fuel cards anytime, anywhere.


Information products:Cyboil IC Card Gas station management system, Cyboil customer management system.


Project benefits:Daqiao Petrochemical through this gas station management system upgrade:

1. Realize unified management of oil and non-oil products, integrate and share on multiple platforms, open up online and offline sales, and realize omni-channel marketing;
2. The new version of the refueling IC card will realize the consumption and points card (refueling consumption link automatic points) without the need to apply for another point card.
3. Significantly shorten the transaction time, simplify the transaction process to the greatest extent, and improve the work and operation efficiency of the gas station;
4. Cyboil's gas station management system integrates SMS sending, mobile payment, and WeChat public account to realize recharging at any time through the WeChat public account, which can instantly push consumer information to customers and let customers see consumption at a glance.

Company:Gas Station of Guangxi Qinzhou International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (Non-profit Gas Station)
Implementation time:October 2019
company profile:The gas station is located in Guangxi Qinzhou Bonded Port Area, which belongs to the internal gas station of the enterprise and has more than 200 operation vehicles.


Management appeal:The gas station has been in use for a period of time, the gas station has been aging, and the gas station has always used manual bookkeeping, the vehicle fuel management is not perfect, the information management methods are backward, and the phenomenon of stealing oil frequently occurs. The company's resolution plans to transform the gas station to achieve self-service refueling by drivers and automatic recognition of whether the fuel tank is an internal working vehicle through technical means. At the same time, the staffing of the gas station is reduced, and the refueling data is notified to the company manager in real time.


Informatization Course:won the bid for Guangxi Qinzhou International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. gas station upgrade project in October 2019, and completed the delivery in December 2019.


Information products:Cyboil gas station management system, Cyboil rfid vehicle tag identification management system.


Project benefits:The gas station will issue fuel cards and vehicle tag for internal vehicles through the Cyboil vehicle tag identification management system, and install the vehicle tag at the fuel tank port of the vehicle to achieve one-vehicle one-tag and vehicle tag binding. When refueling with the fuel card holding nozzle, the fuel dispenser automatically recognizes the information of the fuel card and the vehicle tag. If they match, they start to refueling, otherwise the fuel dispenser without rufueling. Not only does it reduce the staffing of gas stations, but it can also automatically calculate the vehicle's fuel consumption data through the system to provide data support for managers' later operation management. At the same time, it is realized that the designated fuel card can only refuel the designated vehicles, effectively preventing the occurrence of fuel theft, fundamentally solving the problem of private use of the public card within the fleet, and achieving a fast and efficient fuel management system.