Wise Headquarter

IT solution for head-office assisting you supervise fuel retail business and supporting you make right decision, providing real time insight of your gas stations operation data.


Petroleum companies with chains business of gas stations required abilities of data insight and business decision to maintain an advantage in the fierce competition. Based on the IT solutions of commercial gas station & customer value mining, Cyboil  provides the IOT platform of comprehensive data collection on site. With assist of internet & big data technology, Cyboil establish special business system for Retail Headquarter of petroleum companies to integrated supervise retail business of each gas station real-time, assisting head office make timely effective decision.


Retail Center


Cyboil Retail Center will be deployment on the private server of petroleum company or be provided as a services (SAAS) to support managers of headquarter monitoring the whole-process business of each gas station real-time,anywhere, by login on PC and smart cellphone.


Solution Components

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The supervision functions of Retail Center according to the all aspects of retail business process include:

All the data could be statistics and queried by per gas station, district, and in total.


Based on comprehensive, real-time and accurate business data, managers at the headquarters will fully and truly understand the retail business status of oil companies and make scientific and timely decisions.


● gas station statements

● delivery management

● inventory management

● sales management

● retail statistics

● sales analysis

● price management

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